Humble Hounds MN

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Dog Rescue

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Dog Rescue

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Dog Rescue A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Dog Rescue



Gender: Female

Breed: Maltese Mix

Age: 1.5 yrs

Weight: 25 lbs

Dog friendly: Yes

Cat friendly:? 

House trained: Yes

Adoption Fee:$350+tax


Hi, my name is Belle and I am the Belle of the ball. I have it all - I am cute, the perfect size for a condo or townhome and to pick up and cuddle.. just 20lbs. I do best with big dogs around me as the only thing small about me is my size. I may be shy at first, but once I feel comfortable with you I will play with you and my toys and tug war with a buddy. I hang with my foster brother who is a 60lbs 1 year old Boxer and we play great together, zooming in the yard or wrestling on the rug. 

I am potty trained if you pay attention to me, if not I am pad trained also, but I will let you know I have to go by pawing at you and talking in my Woohoo voice. I am not yippy or snippy but I will stick up for myself if another dog wants my treat or chew. My humans can take them but not just any old dog. I am a watch dog too, but will stop alerting you to things when you tell me to. I come up and seek you out when I want lovins and I will let you know if you are not done loving on me too, like I do when I have to go out. I love treats, just keep those coming please. I sit nice for my treat and I am working on other manners and leash. If you hold me against you and have another person clip my nails I am a good girl with that and I take yucky medicine nice too if I need it. I go in my crate when you have to leave me, but I don't destroy anything when not supervised when out with my foster family or brothers. 

I will give you kisses on your nose too when I am all comfortable with you.  I am just a little love, I like to sleep with you in your bed but I don't crowd you so you can have the covers I promise. It is easy to put my harness on or my jacket for those cold days. I ride nice in the car, just put me on the seat and give me my little blankie and I am good with my doggy seatbelt too.  I am still afraid of a few things like the vacuum, I will boogie off and let you clean and then I will come back out to help you mess it up again haha. My foster parents say I am a great little gal and will be a wonderful addition to a family or person with another dog bigger than me. I bet now after reading how cool I am you want to meet me huh? Well, you know what to do - hope to see or hear from you soon.  Belle